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Set back and let Aenigma10 protect your website.

Aenigma10 uses multiple programs to protect your website from hackers, brute-force attacks, site spammers, and Email spammers.

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Website Bruteforce attacks

EndPoint Firewall that is far more effective than Cloud Firewall

Email Protection

Firewall Security for our Websites
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Do you need Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a vital concern for any business that deals with sensitive data. It’s critical that your website is always functional and accurate. You need a company that offers robust security features and reliable performance. Whether you need basic or advanced security, we have the solution.

Our basic firewall/Antivirus protection is FREE for the average website. You can upgrade it to handle any type of data, including medical or confidential, for a fee. Please don’t risk your data. Trust Aenigma10 and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our dedicated server providing first-class cybersecurity.

What level security do you have?


What We Offer

Set back and let Aenigma10 protect your website.

Email Protection FREE

Prevent your emails from spammers and hackers both coming in and going out.

Endpoint Firewall FREE

We use the EndPoint Firewalls. Reason: Cloud firewalls can be bypassed and have historically suffered from data leaks.

Brute Force Attack Prevention FREE

Brute Froce protection is critical in keeping your website up and running.


Our Approach to Security


We take care of it for you for FREE.

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